4615 N. Sunrise Ct. Ozark, 
MO 65721

What to expect at the knife class

 You have arrived: 



You will receive hands on training with instructional demonstrations.

 Students will grind and shape the 1075 Steel blade.


  You will heat treat the blade.


 Blades will be cryogenically processed and tempered. 


The bolster will be attached.


You will end up with a knife worth much more then the price of the class.



The class literature , hand-outs, materials to make the knife is all provided.

 Lunch will be provided both days by Mrs. Leah McGinnis. 


Tom McGinnis, along with his class instructors will work with each student for a  very enjoyable experience.  From left to right, James McGinnis, Tom McGinnis, Landon Robbins, Paul Brown, & Leonard Byrd.



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